Want to Volunteer?

True, we don’t have a facility where folks can come to volunteer but we still need YOU more than ever. Volunteer your time and help us achieve our goal – it truly will be a rewarding experience . . . we promise!

Pet Socialization and Exercise -Our animals may be in foster homes or still residing with their owners until they are re-homed, but most need work on socializing and exercise. What a horrible way to spend a few hours, petting and working with loving animals – we can see why you wouldn’t want to do THAT! Gee whiz, you may get a slobbery kiss on the face and a happy tail wag for your efforts! (From the dogs, not the RHS staff! *smile*) Please help us make our animals more adoptable!

Special Events & Fundraisers – With a dog walk in May and a large fundraiser in the fall, we are always looking for volunteers to assist us in these huge undertakings. There are also many other smaller miscellaneous events throughout the year for which we could use your help. with during the year also. We are open to fundraising ideas from you as well — if you want to sell lemonade and donate the money to the RHS, we say GO FOR IT! We are open to any and all suggestions so keep ’em coming! Help is also needed occasionally for bulk mail preparation.

Home Visits for Adoption Screening – We are very stringent about our adoption policies and are always looking for folks to help us with doing a home visit. Let us know where you are located and that you are willing and able to check out a new adoptive home; we are compiling a list so we know who we have where! We will give you guidance prior to your first visit so you are comfortable and everything goes smoothly.

Sound like fun? Then please join us by signing our Volunteer Agreement Form here and fax back to us at (406) 323-1863.