Community Outreach

We try to educate and speak with as many groups and organizations as possible in regards to responsible pet ownership and the current status of the Rimrock Humane Society. In past years we have held a training class for the deputies and reserve deputies of Musselshell County on the topic of animal control and what is humane”. If you would like us to speak with your organization, please call to make an appointment.

Pet Food Pantry and Hay Bank

Pet Food PantryThe RHS has also established a Pet Food Pantry and a Hay Bank to assist owners who may need assistance while recovering from disasters and other crises. A week or two of free food can sometimes make the difference between being able to keep a pet or having to surrender one. These programs were instituted in response to catastrophic flooding in 2011 and wildland fires in 2012. Please call 323 -3687 to obtain more information about these programs.

Humane Education

Humane Education Program

Humane Education

The children of our society are the future “pet owners” of this world and we truly feel that they are the most important source to educate about proper care and ownership of animals. Young people are so receptive to new ideas and also to what is “right and wrong”. The Rimrock Humane Society has spoken with local elementary school classes on the importance of spaying/neutering their pets and discussed being responsible pet owners. We have also given a demonstration to high school students regarding the effects of a proper animal control program within a community. As time allows, we look forward to more time spent in the classrooms.