George’s owner wrote a very thorough bio so we are just going to share what she has written about this handsome boy.

We rescued George about 18 months ago. After rescuing him, we learned about his previous home. There was some abuse and neglect in the home and there was some heavy drug use by people in the home. George likely saw a lot.

Since adopting, George has completed Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced puppy classes through Petsmart. He knows his commands but can get overwhelmed easily and cannot handle more than 5 minutes of intense training before needing a break. The most difficult process has been training George on “door manners.” It is extremely difficult for him to not push past you when he knows he is going on a car ride. George is potty trained and does not mark in the house. He has lived with a doggie door for the past 18 months and we have had no issues. He is however very protective of his home. We slowly introduce him to visitors, but he will protect his home if he does not know the person coming in.

Like a typical dopey dog, George does not understand his size and enjoys sitting or lying on you. He is good on a leash (with harness) and even OFF leash if there are no distractions. However, George is inquisitive and if comfortable may test boundaries.

He does not jump up but he will paw you to receive pets. Loves to be loved. He regularly will stare at you longingly. He is a Velcro dog who feels that your hands are much more useful petting him then they are typing, writing, playing music or doing anything else. He will gently grab your hand with his mouth and take you to what you should be doing.

Being a reactive dog due to his history, once he bonded with us, he became protective of both himself and us. This required a lot of training just sitting outside stores and allowing people to walk past him. George is now the hit show when he goes into the vet or interacts with people. Even so George becomes scared periodically if approached too quickly. It is important that his future owners are diligent in watching his behavior. He can go from playful to aggressive if he does not understand or becomes overwhelmed. He has never bit a human on purpose but did bite me, his owner, once while I tried to separate him from another dog.

This brings me to why we can no longer keep George. Because he does not understand his size and becomes reactive easily, he has gotten into dogfights with our other 3 giant breeds. George does not understand when his playing is too rough and if the other dog gets too rough, he reacts and goes from playing to attacking. George is food aggressive with other dogs as well. Finally, once George becomes aggressive, it is extremely difficult to stop him. He does not respond to commands, air horns or shock collars once he is in ‘attack’ mode with another dog.

He has had no health issues, is up to date on all his vaccinations, and receives his flea and tick treatment the 25th of every month. He has been neutered. He does have a scar on his left front leg from a dog fight in the last 3 months.

What George needs for owners?

I recommend George be the only dog in the home. He will need a home with owners who have experience with large breed dogs, and can provide him with the attention, and continued training that he requires. George should not live in a home with small children as he is very big and can play rough.

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  • Status: AVAILABLE!
  • Breed: ST. BERNARD
  • Sex: MALE
  • Age: 3.5 YEARS OLD
  • Date: 7/8/2024 2:23:57 PM

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