Become a Foster Pet Guardian

Imagine saving a life simply by opening your heart and your home. This is the answer to a four-pawed prayer for the pets who are surrendered to The Rimrock Humane Society. Perhaps the best part of pet fostering is knowing that you are keeping that animal from being euthanized which sadly, is the reality of life in any shelter situation. With our current status, the ONLY way we can help save animals is by having as many foster homes as possible to house ALL the animals that join our program!
Most of the RHS’s foster pets are animals that were surrendered because their caretakers were moving, divorced, developed allergies or died. Because so many pets are surrendered each year, the RHS must be selective regarding temperament when placing pets into the Foster Home Program.

We will strive to have all pets current on vaccinations and spayed or neutered before being placed in the RHS Foster Home Program. It is the foster parent’s job to provide attention, love and safe housing. The key role of the foster parent is to socialize, train, feed, exercise and love the visiting critter. This also means instilling a sense of confidence and self-esteem into the surrendered pet so that the animal will be more personable and secure, and thus more adoptable. It may also mean hours of potty training if required and obedience training (if a dog needs to brush up on lessons lost). The average length of a foster pet’s stay with their temporary family is 3-4 weeks, but it can be longer. (The RHS will supply all food, litter and veterinary costs)

Because the foster parent inevitably develops an emotional attachment to the pet, one of the hardest aspects of fostering is letting go after an animal has been adopted. Although never easy, the knowledge that the foster pet will “live happily ever after” is always a great comfort. Whenever possible, the RHS will include the foster family in the adoption process to help give closure and make the transition easier for all involved. Currently, the RHS has under a dozen truly active foster parents who provide homes to stray and surrendered pets. We desperately need more volunteers willing to offer temporary safe haven to the homeless companion animals in our care!

If you would like to become a Foster Pet Guardian for The Rimrock Humane Society, you can fill out the on-line Foster Application by clicking the button below:
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