Lost and Found

Even though we do not have a facility at this time, the Rimrock Humane Society is one of the first places folks call if they have lost or found a pet. In Musselshell County, animal control is handled by our Sheriff Department so it is best to call them (406-323-1402) first and then to call us at the RHS to see if the animal has been reported lost or found. Nothing gives us greater satisfaction then to reunite a worried owner with their pet. In addition, call the local veterinary offices as people who find animals often call the local veterinarians if they find an animal. The number one thing you can do is to make sure you license, tag or microchip your pet! This is the easiest way to make sure your pet can be returned to you – he will only be a phone call away. If you cannot afford an I.D. tag, the RHS has free I.D. tags you can use so please just contact us. We have a microchip program at a very reasonable cost so please call us to make arrangements to have your pet microchipped. We do scan every lost animal that comes through our program to verify if the animal is chipped.

If you’ve lost your pet…

Search Your Neighborhood!– Walk or drive through your neighborhood several times a day, especially early in the morning and at dusk. Ask neighbors and their children (kids often know more about the neighborhood than working parents), letter carriers, joggers, garbage collectors, newspaper carriers and others to look out for your pet.

Visit Animal Shelters/Pound – Go and visit the animal shelters in your area – rather than phoning them. Often shelters have many animals that might match your pet and workers are often too busy to handle the phone calls. Visit the shelter every 24 hours. If you don’t have a shelter in your area contact the local police. (As we do not have a facility here in Musselshell County, please just phone the RHS at 406-323-3687 giving us all details. Also call the Sheriff Department at 406-323-1402 and local veterinarians).

The Power of Scent – Try placing a recently worn piece of clothing outside. Animals have a keen sense of smell and familiar smells can bring them home. For indoor cats, place their litter box outside.

Post Eye Catching Posters – Distribute flyers in as may public places as possible: for example, grocery stores, community centers, churches, schools, pet stores, animal groomers, veterinary offices, etc. If possible include a picture of your pet. Describe your pet in detail, including your pet’s name. Include the date and place the animal was lost and a phone number where you can be reached. Mention any particular markings or the color of your pet’s collar in the write-up. Consider offering a nominal reward. (Beware of callers who say they have your pet and demand you send them money for the animal’s return. Withhold one of your pet’s identifying characteristics so you can verify the honesty of a caller who is claiming to have found your pet.)

Place Ad in the Paper – Place an ad in the “lost” column of local newspapers. Since many papers allow people to put “found” ads for free, check newspapers daily in case someone is trying to find you!

Check Animal Hospitals and Vet Clinics -If your pet was injured he or she may have been taken to a nearby veterinarian or animal hospital before being taken to an animal shelter.

Was Your Pet Stolen? – It is far more likely your pet has strayed from home than he or she has been stolen. If you have evidence that leads you to believe your pet was stolen, contact the police and an animal control agency. Permanent identification in the form of tattooing or a microchip implant can help authorities track your animal.

Don’t Give Up! – Continue to search for your pet even when there is little hope. Some animals who have been lost for months have been reunited with their owners.

If you’ve found a stray pet…

Be Cautious – First and foremost, be very cautious around the animal. Keep your children and other pets away from it. If you are unsure in anyway about your safety or the animals safety, do NOT attempt to control the animal yourself. Call for help first. Call Animal Control -In Musselshell County, animal control is handled by our Sheriff Department so it is best to call them (406-323-1402) first and then to call us at the RHS to see if the animal has been reported lost. Normally, the next step would be to turn the animal into your local animal shelter as that is where most folks would look for their lost pet. Because we do not have a shelter in Musselshell County, please have the animal remain with you until a better situation can be determined. We will try to assist you in finding the owner or placing the animal in a foster home if at all possible.

Lost Flyers & Ads – Help the owner find you by placing flyers around your area and also place newspaper ads with a description of the dog. Most papers offer the lost & found ads at no cost.

Talk to Your Neighborhood – Again, your neighborhood is a wonderful source of information. Ask around and see if anyone recognizes the animal.