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Meet the Dynamo Dachshund Emmett! He is a 5 month old standard dachshund that's happy, go lucky with a HUGE personality! He loves other dogs and wants to play with them, big or small, it's all good to Emmett! He is fine with cats and has learned that they have claws so maybe playing with them is not as fun. He loves to go on walks and is good on a harness. He is potty trained as long as you keep an eye on the clock and let him out after he eats and as soon as he wakes up. He can eat with other dogs out of his own bowl and has learned that stealing another dogs food is not the thing to do! He sleeps all through the night and likes to snuggle right next to you. Emmett does not like to be alone. He is fine outside if you are with him but if you're not, he'll bark to come in to be with you. Emmett can be left alone for short periods of time (3 to 4 hours) but a home where he is left for 8 to 10 hours a day probably won't work at his young age and activity level. He will be better left alone if he has other dogs with him. Daycare with other small dogs would be very fun for him! Neither of Emmett's testicles dropped and is what we call a double crypt orchid, which is very rare. His neuter was more like a spay as the Vet had to go in and find the testicles. One was in the canal and the other was hiding pretty far up. They needed to come out as they will cause cancer if left in. He has recovered like a champ and is back to playing full time. He has all his shots but will need another booster and is micro-chipped. Emmett is ready to make you laugh and has lots of love to give! The perfect home for Emmett would be an active retired family that will take him on walks and give him attention, or a family with kids (he loves kids) that will keep him entertained and active.If interested, please call the Rimrock Humane Society at 406-323-3687 or email us at schurch@rimrockhumanesociety.org99 30 47

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