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Hi! We need homes!

Hi! We need homes!

The Rimrock Humane Society was contacted by an endearing older gentleman in the fall of 2018 asking us for our assistance as he had approximately 35 to 40 cats in his home and was admittedly in over his head. He was living in a camper outside because the cats had basically taken over the house. Yes, he was a hoarder but he TRULY loved and lived for each one of these cats. We took a slow and systematic approach over a period of (6) months and were able to help him reduce the population to about half. We spayed and neutered as many as we could that he wanted to keep. It was a long process requiring patience and caring …. hoarding is an illness and there was a lot of psychological aspects we had to take into consideration as we removed each cat from the home. In March of 2019, he told us he just couldn’t lose any more of his beloveds and it was the last we heard from him (until recently).

His family contacted us several weeks ago to tell us that this gentleman was terminally ill and not long for this world. We were told that there were (12) cats in the house and (8) feral cats that he cared for outside. We wanted to act immediately and start working on capturing, altering and re-homing these animals but this was not his wish. These cats were his everything … his comfort, his joy, his life. They would lay with him, keep him company and make him laugh with their playing and silly antics. So with deep respect for him and his wishes, we had to wait until the end which came last Friday on 10/25 when he peacefully left this earth.

Since then, it has been a flurry of activity. While the family has been dealing with his affairs, the RHS swooped in and made a plan for the 8 feral cats outside … it has been non-stop trapping, spaying & neutering and rehoming to many barn homes. We did get that project completed! NOW comes the time to try and find loving indoor homes for his (12) house cats.

As you can see, his cats are gloriously beautiful animals .. all in shades of deep orange & white, black & white or calico. Incredibly healthy except for everyone having ear mites — he always made sure his cats had food even if he did not. We have been spending a lot of time in the home, getting to know these amazing creatures and even though a few are shy … most are openly loving and affectionate. With the re-homing of the many cats last fall/winter … we have been told by those who adopted his cats that they have the most spectacular temperaments! NONE of these cats have ever been outside … they have been born and raised inside this home. Some have suggested we place these cats as barn kitties but we just can’t do that to them. They do not have any outside “smarts” and we do not feel they would survive as outdoor cats. They all get along and are very cat social so should do fine with other felines … they, of course, have never been around dogs but with proper introductions … we believe it could work.

HERE IS OUR CHALLENGE (and we hope you, our supporters, can help us!) The cats are still living in his house — the family (who is from out of state) left today to go back home. They have given us permission to continue to care for the cats in the home while we work on placement etc. However, the home will soon be winterized which means no heat .. no water … we have about a week to get these creatures either in foster care of forever homes! We KNOW that with all of the other cat hoarding cases that have been popping up in our various counties it is going to make this a true challenge but we are CONFIDENT that our supporters will come through for us ….. these little lives are depending on us!

We have cataloged, photographed and named the cats below. Yes, some of the names are silly but it helped us with identifying them. Their vet care (and confirmation of sex and spay/neuter status) will happen as we remove them from the home as we acquire interested parties. We have done our best to describe some of the cats whom we have more info on than others.

Chinny-Chin-Chin ***ADOPTED!***

Neutered male — this boy is a love boat! He was begging for lovings the whole time we were there. Very social and sweet! Check out his video below and be sure to turn up your speakers to hear him purring (and Zorro makes a cameo appearance!)

Chloe and Clarissa ***ADOPTED!***

Chloe & Clarissa are both females of course. These girls were NOT spayed which is why he had them locked in a back bedroom – keeping them sequestered from any intact males. These girls are now spayed, up to date on shots, wormed, treated for ear mites and microchipped. They are now in a foster home being loved and socialized! The girls are incredibly sweet and love pettings etc.

Freckles ***ADOPTED!***

Freckles is a spayed female. She is probably one of the most friendliest of the kitties. Check out her adorable freckly nose and also her video below.


Harvey we believe is a male and he is a long haired kitty. Although he did not come out and see us while we were there … the family said he was incredibly sweet and loved to cuddle in fact, they were calling him Mr. Sweet Face.


Hershey is a neutered male. We thought it was a great name for him as the marking on his face looks like a Hershey’s kiss. He was out a lot when we were in the house and didn’t exactly seek out attention but wasn’t opposed to some ear scritches … he will warm up nicely in a new home! If you have treats, he is a lover galore!

Sassy ***ADOPTED!***

Oh my goodness … Miss Sassy! This girl is a 6 year old spayed female. She was her daddy’s life! This was his all time favorite cat and she was with him to the end. Laying on him, cuddling with him … Sassy will stay on your lap forever. And here is the fun part … she is TEENY TINY! You know how everyone always says that they “wish they would stay a kitten” … well, Sassy did. She is so minute and dainty. Of course, living in the world of the orange & white giants … she gets picked on so she eats last and stays away from the other cats as they do tend to pick on her.

We are truly hoping and praying to find this girl a special home as her Dad begged us to do so. Help us fulfill a dying man’s wish!

Sneezy ***ADOPTED!***

Sneezy is a neutered male … the reason for his name is he does have chronic rhinitis. He is not sick .. has no nasal or eye discharge … he just sniffles and sneezes a lot. We neutered him last fall and his condition is about the same a year later and he has NO ill effects from it. He is a GORGEOUS, strong cat who is so incredibly friendly and sweet. Look at those markings!


Snip is a long haired intact male cat … although he was always out and about when we were there he was just a bit more wary around strangers. With a few treats, he was loving up on us like crazy! Will be neutered before placement


Gorgeous right? Marilyn is a spayed female — we thought the name was apropos, look at that beauty mark! She was very curious about us but unsure of any petting or handling. Discovered treats go a long ways and she allowed us to pet her while eating her Temptation treats

Two Socks

Two socks (named by his Dad) is a GIANT of a cat. The largest of all of the males. We are unsure if he is neutered or not. Look at his glorious markings especially around the face. What a hunk of burning love right there!


Have you ever seen such an amazing marking on a face of a cat … such a perfect line right across! We truly thought it looked like he had a mask on so came up with Zorro. We finally had a good look at him and Zorro is a neutered male. A bit shy but always out and about … when you reach to pet him … he kind of pulls away and when you remove your hand .. he comes up to you meowing and purring like “hey don’t stop” and then “whoa, wait a minute” LOL See the video under Chinny-Chin-Chin for a cameo appearance by Zorro.

MOST OF THESE CATS ARE 5 AND UNDER! To assist with placement, we will be cutting our adoption fee in half on these kitties … so the fee would be $45

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