TAZ – Poodle/Shih Tzu X – Male – 10 Y

Hi! I'm TAZ!

Hi! I’m TAZ!

Taz’s owners brought him home as a puppy and have adored him ever since. He has always lived with other dogs and kids and has been a well-mannered happy dog and faithful companion. In the last few years he has become more aggressive towards the other dogs in the household including the new younger pups. That aggression has led him to attack the other dogs to the point he has to be pulled out of the fight. When these incidences have occurred, it has been without provocation with the other dogs and only a few times might have involved a toy or food in the area. The owner’s fear is that he will seriously injure the other dogs. Recently (thanks to our suggestion and their veterinarian) we had a blood test done that showed low thyroid levels and it was thought that it could be causing Taz to act out in this aggressive manner. Sometimes these incidences would occur a few times in a couple of weeks and sometimes it would be months between incidences, again with no real catalyst to point to.

It saddens all of us that Taz seemed to get better for a period of time right after the meds and then has again become aggressive towards the other dogs. šŸ™ Over all these incidences, the owner has tried to reprimand him, put him in kennel time out and make sure the other dogs donā€™t aggravate him, but nothing seems to be effective in stopping the attacks or growling. They, understandably, are worried what could happen when they are not home or in the immediate area leading to serious injuries to the other dogs.

Our sincerest wish is that Taz finds a home where he is the only dog and it will be a good fit for him. Taz likes sleeping in bed with his owner and he loves treats. He gets baby carrots when they get home during the day and he likes to get up in the morning to get carrots with whoever first gets up. He is a good rider in the car — he likes to go for walks even if he is a little heavy. He has had ACL surgery approximately 4 years ago and it has not impeded his activities. He is a loving dog that likes to be petted and scratched and lay next to you. He is not a real snuggly dog but will put up with it because he loves his people. He loves to lick anyone and anything. He loves to carry a toy with him.

We hope whoever gets Taz loves him as much as his current owners do. They just want him to be in a happy home where he is safe and cared for and not stressed by the other dogs around him. Neutered, up to date on shots and does take a thyroid pill 2X a day and it costs around $15 a month.

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Additional Information

  • Status:Ā AVAILABLE!
  • Breed: Poodle/Shih Tzu X
  • Sex:Ā Male
  • Age:Ā 10 Y
  • Date: 7/12/19

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