Hi! I'm TANKA!

Hi! I’m TANKA!

So, who’s looking for an amazing companion that’s past most of the puppyhood trials and tribulations yet still young enough to be full of silliness and very trainable?

If this is you, look no further because handsome Tanka is your guy!

As an energetic young dog, Tanka would fit well in an active home that could teach him all the joys of hiking, camping, and playing in rivers and lakes.

This sweetheart of a dog warmed up to us immediately and was all over us with kisses as he let us love on him. We took him on a jaunt through PetSmart for a spiffy new leash and collar and he did amazingly well. He didn’t react or shy away from cars driving through the parking lot, people, or other dogs in the store. He just took everything in with stride. He was pretty interested in the treats display however, but what self-respecting canine wouldn’t be?

He also rode beautifully in the vehicle and mostly stayed quiet in the back seat. When he just couldn’t control himself and HAD to give kisses, we could ignore him and he would go back to riding quietly.

We have no idea how he would do with kitties but he did get mighty excited about a bunny he and his foster dad flushed out on a walk so a home with cats might not be a good fit… We think he would do fine with a canine companion after proper introduction.

Tanka is exuberant in showing his affection and does get excited when greeting people. We are working with him to teach him that you don’t have to jump up on people to say hello. He also could use a bit of leash training to hone his walking skills. This boy has a lot of promise and is going to be a fantastic, loyal companion to the person lucky enough to adopt him.

At his foster home he immediately figured out the doggy door and is going outside to do his business.

He was a little apprehensive going for his first walks in the country at his foster dad’s but we think this is because he probably had never experienced exploring the vast outdoors on leash.

Tanka has only been in his foster home for a few days so is still learning the crate routine. He was fine in his crate as long as foster dad was in the room, but didn’t want to be left alone. His first day there, he didn’t want to go out by himself and would only go outside if his foster dad was with him. Tanka had been abandoned by his original owner for a week so we feel that he is just worried that he’s going to be abandoned again.

His foster dad said Tanka wants nothing more than to love and be loved. He is very affectionate.

He’s not sure about toys yet or what to do with them but we feel he is going to learn quickly how fun they can be. Tanka is enjoying being brushed- it probably feels wonderful to him to get rid of that thick winter undercoat he is still sporting.

We’re feeding Tanka some good quality food to put some meat back on his bones as he’s a bit on the thin side- again likely due to being abandoned for a week…

Tanka is treat-motivated so this will be a bonus in training this smart young dude. He takes his treats pretty gently and doesn’t beg for food from the table.

He is interested in what’s on the kitchen counters but a stern “NO” or “DOWN” stops his counter surfing.

New pictures after a little TLC.

Tanka is neutered, up to date on vaccinations and will be microchipped prior to his adoption.

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  • Status: AVAILABLE!
  • Sex: MALE
  • Age: 1 YEAR
  • Date: 8/25/2022 4:49:01 PM

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