***ADOPTED!*** TANGO – Border Collie/Wirehair Terrier X – Female – 1-1/2 Y

Hi! I'm TANGO!

Hi! I’m TANGO!

Every now and then we get in a dog that we would label an “enigma” and Tango would definitely fit in that category. She was born under a porch and lived most of her puppyhood there. Momma was an older dog who was running this particular neighborhood for almost two years and she finally started eating and trusting the owner of this home. So, in a nutshell … mom had turned partially feral and in turn taught her pups the same behaviors. Two of Tango’s siblings were adopted out right away but Tango was kept and got to stay with her mom. For her early life, Tango and her Mom spent their time running the wilds of the country and occasionally coming into the home in inclement weather (owner couldn’t really touch them). Chasing horses became their favorite past time and the threat of being shot was what prompted the call for us to come get Tango and re-home her.

Tango went straight to our trainer and when we got her, she was terrified of everything and we do mean everything! Army crawl was all she would do and submissive urination any time we touched her. We knew we were in this for the long haul with this girl. March marks her 8th month in our care and we have seen marked improvements in all categories but she still has a long ways to go.

Tango’s new owner will require lots of patience and also the experience to work with a dog with her idiosyncrasies. She does remind of us of the feral dogs we have seen come off the reservations. Once she has a person of her own to bond and trust, we feel she will start making big strides with her confidence and training. Any new situation is hard for her — she will require structure with no sudden changes in her daily routine. When Tango is made to face her fears, she does adapt and overcome. First time she ever faced a squeaky toy, it was very scary for her but now she is finding out that toys are fun! Anytime anything scares this girl, she immediately reverts to the “flight mechanism” so she will have to be in a safely enclosed area or on a long line.

Tango does adore people once she gets to know and trust them. You can tell she just wants to be a normal dog so bad but her fear is always hovering in the background. We feel Tango would do best as an only dog in her new household as we believe she will bond to another dog(s) and not the owner. She was devastated when she was separated from her mother at one year of age — her mom was all she had ever known. We feel she will revert back to that type of bond with another dog. Tango needs to learn that humans are cool and she can count on them for all things. Plus, being the only doggie will give her the chance to have a lot of one on one with her new human. Tango has also learned to walk loose lead on the leash and will only revert back to the army crawl if something frightens her. (see video of her training in comments)

Tango is housebroke and crate trained. We have learned that when you remove her from the crate in the morning, you do not touch her or look at her – it is straight outside or else she will still submissive urinate (once her bladder is empty, then she is good to go!). She is good with other dogs and seems to want to interact with them, she just isn’t sure how. As we stipulated above, we feel a home where she is the only dog might be best. Tango has never been malicious to a cat but she has what we call the “Terrier stare” when she sees them like “Oh man, those furry things look like lots of fun!” So probably no to cats. Absolutely NO children as any sudden movements freak her out so she will need a mature, quiet home for sure.

With all this being said, we so want to give Tango a chance. We know there is a great dog hiding under her upbringing and history. As you can see by the pics, she is adorable and has a great smile. Spayed, up to date on shots, wormed and microchipped.

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Additional Information

  • Status: AVAILABLE!
  • Breed: Border Collie/Wirehair Terrier X
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 1 1/2 Y
  • Date: 3/6/21

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