Hi! I'm SJ (Sox Jr.)!

Hi! I’m SJ (Sox Jr.)!

Unfortunately for poor Sox Jr. and her “brother” Snake, their owner has developed a severe allergy was advised by the doctor that they find a new home for their kitties. They are of course heartbroken.

This beautiful girl is looking for a dedicated new home that will continue to address her diabetes and issues of her advancing age.

Here is the bio written by her owner:

  • Very cuddly lap cat who will make biscuits and purr very loudly.
  • Very frightened by vacuum cleaners, don’t touch her after vacuuming or she will panic!
  • She is actually okay during baths (if it’s a shower with a handheld sprayer she seems to enjoy that on her joints) doesn’t love them but doesn’t hate them either.
  • Diabetic, we give her 2 main meals with insulin 12 hours apart, and 2 snacks between (with her diabetic food)
  • She does have arthritis near her tail, so that area is a bit sensitive for her, and sometimes she has a bit of an odd walk if her diabetes starts bothering it.
  • SJ doesn’t like being brushed too much, but will tolerate it.
  • She is very curious and very talkative, ESPECIALLY around feeding time, she LOVES the phrase “are you hungry?” and will definitely let you know that she is always hungry.
  • Although she is a lap cat, she definitely loves having her time alone to nap, and look at birds in the window.
  • She uses Pine Pellet litter; it works best with her diabetic bladder issues. She does have a habit of not FULLY entering a litter box though, so pee pads are recommended to have around her box.
  • She used to be a barn cat though has a very mild temperament for one.
  • She does not like the base of her tail touched due to an old injury where she almost had it torn off and is the only time she gets really defensive.

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Additional Information

  • Status: AVAILABLE!
  • Breed: ???
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 13 Y
  • Date: 6/21/22

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