SHADOW – DSH Bi-Colored Tabby – Female – 8 Y



Those eyes! They captured our hearts the minute she came through the door. Our first thought was they reminded us of Toothless in How to Train Your Dragon! Talk about making your heart melt ….

Shadow’s story is an interesting one for sure — she was found as a stray in Roundup over a year ago. The family that found her did not locate an owner so they tried to integrate Shadow into their household with 5 other cats. This little girl is very mellow and shy and the other kitties in the house just weren’t having it so Shadow lived under a bed as that was the only place she felt safe. When they called to talk to us about Shadow, they had big concerns for her health as she would not keep weight on, coat was dull, super skinny and was just all around a very unhappy kitty. We had them rush her right to our veterinarian and we proceeded to test her for all of the cat diseases and also ran extensive blood work. Luckily, everything came back normal but it was still perplexing as Shadow just wasn’t thriving. It was then that we noticed in the kennel at the vet clinic, that Shadow seemed so incredibly happy … she was eating, and purring, and just brightened right up! Ah-ha! Stress … stress is an amazing thing for a feline and can truly take it’s toll – in the kennel at the clinic, she finaly felt safe. Shadow has now been at our vet clinic for two weeks and is 100% better! She has put weight on, glossy coat and happy as a lark! This tells us that Shadow is going to do best in a quiet home as the only kitty or maybe she can share a household with another quiet feline.

And her story continues …. when Shadow was first brought in, we scanned her for a microchip and did not find one. One of the vet techs was scratching behind her ear and felt an odd little lump … she asked the vet about it and they discovered it was her microchip! It had migrated all the way up to the base of her ear! Shadow has a CHIP! We called the microchip company immediately and found out that this kitty;’s name was Shadow (and she knows it too!) and her birth date is 10/27/09. She was adopted from a shelter in Indianapolis, Indiana! The name on the chip was her original owner so we gave him a call. He was stunned to hear about Shadow and said that when she was about three, he re-homed her with a very nice family in his town and that was the last he had heard about her. He told us that he was going to contact that family and try to figure out what had happened. He also said that he might want to have her back. So we patiently waited for days hoping to hear back from him but there has been no response and no returned phone calls. šŸ™ None of us except Shadow knows what has transpired over the course of her lifetime and how she got out here to Montana but we do at least know that she is one incredibly sweet kitty!

We are hoping that there is someone out there that would love to give this big eyed, striped lover a new forever home. Shadow is spayed, up to date on shots, Feline Leukemia/FIV negative and microchipped. Super sweet kitty who just wants to be loved — what a story her life has been … some good, some not so good … help us write Shadow’s final chapter — one of love, contentment and happiness! (She doesn’t want to live at the vet clinic any more!)

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Additional Information

  • Status:Ā AVAILABLE!
  • Breed: DSH Bi-Colored Tabby
  • Sex:Ā Female
  • Age:Ā 8 Y
  • Date: 5/13/18

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