SCHATZI – McNab Stock Dog – Female – 4-1/2 Y



Do you love to be active outdoors, yet also enjoy those precious moments of just chillin’ in your home? Well, so does Schatzi! “Schatzi” is the German word for “sweetheart” and she sure can be. This girl is a typical stock dog who needs a job and a companion to please. She LOVES to run, chase a ball (not really bring it back so much), play with a multitude of toys, go on walks, hikes and accompany her people on bike & horseback rides. The Billings Heights Dog Park is her “happy place” and she does well off leash and with a variety of dogs. She lives with a cat and they often sleep near each other. She also wants to be by her people at all times and be petted often. She would prefer to sleep on your bed with you if you would allow it. She needs a patient, gentle yet firm owner. She is just as sensitive as other stock dog breeds. She learns best with positive reinforcement versus yelling.

For the last 14 months Schatzi has been living with an adoptive family who have been working hard to give her the love, exercise and training she needs. The first few years of Schatzi’s life are a mystery and she came with the bad habits of jumping on furniture, scratching on doors and chasing neighbor dogs up and down the fence. She now knows the command “Off” but needs constant reminding. She has made great progress with “Sit” and “Wait” and will do so before coming in the door when told. She is getting better with not “counter surfing” but it’s best to remind her and just take the temptation away. She has graduated from both the Beginner and Intermediate obedience classes at Petsmart. Currently, Schatzi does best in a controlled environment i.e. a fenced yard or on a leash if you want her to come to you when you call. She has chased rabbits and stray cats down the road and been hard to get to come back.

Schatzi jumps right in the car, loves to go for car rides and has traveled many miles with her current family. She will go into a crate but needs more work on crate training as she will paw and go “crazy” in there sometimes. As far as “crazy” goes, Schatzi can definitely behave that way. She barks at anyone she sees out the window, people coming in the door, other dogs barking or walking by the window. She is definitely a good watch dog but she is loud. She is good around kids but would need more training to be a part of a family with small children. Sometimes she will steal their toys and be right in the middle of the play action. Currently, you can’t play board games, card games, etc. on the floor unless she is outside or in her crate. Hide-n-Go Seek is out unless you put her outside. She goes absolutely bonkers in anticipation when you start counting and is always the first to find the person hiding. She stands by the hiding place and barks or “alerts”. This fact leads us to believe she may be a great candidate for Search and Rescue training. 🙂

Ultimately, Schatzi just wants a forever home to love her and keep active with her. She is super smart and can figure out dog treat puzzles and is absolutely trainable with the right person. She would be awesome in Agility and/or being someone’s running, bicycling, hiking, etc. partner. We can visualize her on a ranch and she would be in her element to follow some cowboy or cowgirl for miles a day checking fence lines. She stays respectfully away from the horse’s hooves and doesn’t try to nip at them. We are sure she would excel in what she was bred to do as a herding dog. However, she would need all the training first of course.

Regretfully, the current family cannot keep Schatzi as their child was recently diagnosed with some issues that will require all of the parent’s extra time and attention. They desperately want to find Schatzi a loving, patient and active forever home! They are more than happy to send the current toys, food and supplies that belongs to Schatzi. She is spayed, up to date on all her shots and mcirochipped.

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Additional Information

  • Status: AVAILABLE!
  • Breed: McNab Stock Dog
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 4 1/2 Y
  • Date: 1/21/20

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