***ADOPTED!!*** Ruby & Nike – Horses – Female – 21 & 17 Y

Hi! We're Ruby & Nike!

Hi! We’re Ruby & Nike!

As most of you know, we do not normally get into horse rescue as we like to leave that to the groups who specialize in that field. This situation, however, is near and dear to our hearts as these two mares, Ruby & Nike, belong to one of our board members and we take care of “family” here at the RHS. Our board member got called out of state on a serious family emergency and has discovered that she will not be returning to Montana. Our President has been driving 40 miles round trip daily to care for Ruby & Nike but with the weather changing and this latest development, it is time to seek a place where these two can be cared for and safe. Where they are currently living is out northwest of Roundup in an area with no one around to keep an eye on them and with their ages, this has us concerned.

Ruby is 21 and her daughter, Nike, is 17 – they are your typical grade mares. As you can imagine, they are very much bonded as Nike has NEVER been away from her momma. What complicates matters is that, with grain, you can pet them a bit and touch them but they have not been worked with in years and years. The farrier does trim their feet by working them into panels and can get halters on them etc. But these are not the type of horse who are going to be super people oriented and getting them loaded in a trailer to move to a new location is something we will need assistance with and will only want to do ONCE (we hope). We have contacted some local horse rescues who have not been very optimistic about Ruby & Nike’s chances of getting a new home and we know it will be a challenge but we have made a promise to our board member that we will do everything in our power to be sure these two are taken care of and we will investigate all options!

The ultimate solution is a forever home where they can be “pasture pets” or maybe keep another lone horse company. Some place where they can live out their golden years with good food, fresh water and a loving caretaker.

Second option is a foster home where they can still be kept under a careful eye (and someone who might be able to work with them a bit to at least get them into halters and leading) and RHS will provide all feed. (This brings up the point of needing hay donations with this scenario). We will still be actively looking for a forever home for them but they will at least be somewhere safe and can be observed.
Those are our two options at this point. We are open to ANY AND ALL IDEAS and as the nights get colder, are starting to feel some true panic setting in on getting these two moved to safety.

Forever homes will be carefully screened just as we do with our other animals and there will be an adoption fee as we believe no animal should be FREE … they all have value and should be treated as such.

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Additional Information

  • Status: AVAILABLE!
  • Breed: Horses
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 21 & 17 Y
  • Date: 10/5/18

Contact The Rimrock Humane Society for information on adopting! 406-323-3687