***ADOPTED!*** RAVEN – DSH Black – Female – 6 mos.

Hi! I'm RAVEN!

Hi! I’m RAVEN!

This beautiful black house panther came to us as a stray … found out in the Bull Mountains along with several of her siblings. Most found homes with the neighbors they wandered off too but Raven came to us for placement.

Raven is an affectionate little mischief maker with downy black fur and golden eyes. The pattern of her days consists in brief outbursts of energetic play interspersed with naps. The pattern of her nights is much the same, though usually featuring extended cuddle-and-purr sessions, unless you lock her out of the bedroom. No matter what she’s up to, Raven always manages to melt your heart with her unspeakable cuteness. She’ll be wrestling a candy-wrapper one second, boxing a jingly mouse toy the next, and knocking your favorite teapot off the mantelpiece before you can get your phone out of your pocket to take a video. Then—what’s that thing?—She goes pouncing and tumbling across the kitchen floor, all fangs and claws, delivering a savage mauling to what turns out to be the tip of her own tail, before dashing off on the next fresh adventure.

In mellower moods, Raven is an all-star lap kitty. She conforms to fit the contours of whatever part of you she’s lying on as though her body were made of memory foam. You’ll happen to look down in the midst of watching TV or working at the computer and discover Raven curled up on your leg, eyes closed, wearing an expression of the utmost bliss as your absent minded fingers stroke the velvet fuzz behind her ears. Her tenderness is therapeutic, and the rhythmic rattle of her purring soothes the soul.

Raven is a feline extrovert with outstanding social instincts. Quick to trust and plucky enough to roughhouse with the big cats, she makes friends easily with other pets as well as with humans. Raven is one of the rare cats who never needed to be taught not to bite too hard. She’ll grab your hand with all four paws and chomp your finger when she’s riled up, but neither her teeth nor her claws have ever broken skin. Minor skirmishes erupt around her as she prowls the house with wide-eyed curiosity, stirring up whatever trouble she can find. Her play often irritates the foster homes older, more sedate cats, who dismiss her with a snarl and a well-aimed whack. But it’s impossible to stay upset with a such an innocent, vivacious and downright enchanting little creature.

Raven is feline leukemia/FIV negative, spayed, up to date on shots, wormed and microchipped.

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Additional Information

  • Status: AVAILABLE!
  • Breed: DSH Black
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 6 mo
  • Date: 4/27/20

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