Hi! I'm YUKON!

Hi! I’m YUKON!

🥰ADOPTED!!!🥰 Yukon (male) is the most reserved of the three puppies. He wants to be a part of things but is just a bit shy.

🥰ADOPTED!!!🥰 Clarisse (female) is boisterous and playful and wants to interact with people after just a little time to warm up.

🥰ADOPTED!!!🥰 Bumble (male) is the largest, most outgoing of the puppies and is all about playing and getting attention. He’s also the boss of his siblings.

These pups are going to grow up into good sized dogs.

For dog parents who enjoy training and burning off energy, the Airedale Shepherd is a loyal match.

The Airedale Shepherd’s parent breeds have both high energy and lots of love to give. The Airedale Terrier is sometimes known as the King of the Terriers. They are a unique-looking sporting breed. The German Shepherd intelligence and high drive makes them appropriate for many tasks. They enjoy being active and having a “job” to do. They are also extremely loyal. This breed mix is very, very active.

These dogs are known to be good with children as well as with other animals. The Airedale Shepherd has been found to be watchful, alert, curious and obedient and functions as a watchdog, companion dog, and guard dog.

The Airedale Shepherd is typically easy to train and responsive to their dog parents. However, with such a high drive dog with endless energy, it’s important to make training consistent and positive. Daily training sessions of around five to ten minutes help this breed keep on track. Additionally, basic obedience classes with a professional trainer can be helpful.




The Airedale Shepherd is loyal and intelligent, but not for beginner dog parents. They can be strong-willed and hard to exercise properly. Ideally, they love walks or hikes for several hours daily. This isn’t reasonable for all dog parents, but without proper stimulation, the Airedale Shepherd will grow bored and frustrated- regardless of how much love there is for them.

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Additional Information

  • Status: AVAILABLE!
  • Age: 10 WEEKS OLD
  • Date: 12/27/2023 2:01:12 PM

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