ODIE JOE – Kelpie/Shepherd X – Male – 2 Y



This handsome hunk of dog flesh would be the incredible Odie Joseph (or Odie Joe for short). He was raised by a fabulous retired couple who got Joe as an 8 week old puppy and basically made him the centerpiece of their lives. With crocodile tears and broken hearts, they surrendered him to us as he started herding the 16 year old cat (and holding her down) and also being somewhat strong willed with their elderly little dogs. They were so worried that the elderly animals were going to get hurt that they decided Odie needed a new home with an active family.

Normally, we do not have a lot of information about our pets as they are strays but Odie’s family wrote us a wonderful bio which we will share below:

Odie came to us as an 8 week old puppy — he is a very loving and smart dog. As he got older, we took him to obedience classes so he does “sit”, “hold” (for stay). He goes from “sit” to “down” and will “hold” there. “Look at me” to get his attention and “with me” when I want him to walk next to me on his leash. He wants to please and is full of love.

Odie loves the snow, enjoys truck rides in the back seat (he lays on the floor on a blanket, his choice). Always slept beside me on a dog bed. He goes everywhere with us and likes most people. Has never been around children as we are in our 60’s and we have no kids around. Will play fetch with his Kong all day long – brings it right back to you and lays it by your feet. Doesn’t care for cats or other small critters, can be protective of food & toys. Odie also loves to play in the hose when watering the garden! Goes on daily hikes and lots of fetching to burn up all that energy”.

We placed Odie Joe with our trainer for a few weeks and here is what we have observed about the boy. Odie did wonderful with his owners around as he grew up with them, loved them and trusted them. They took him wherever they went and he got to go inside stores etc. when he had a chance (like Lowe’s, Home Depot etc.). Now since his arrival with us … we are new and that love & trust is not there as it was with his owners so Odie is a bit fearful of new people and new situations. He is the type of dog (which can be common in working breeds) where it takes him time to trust a person. He will not be the type of dog running up on you at first meeting all happy to see you. Odie’s new owner will have to have patience and take things slowly with him … the reward will be well worth it!

Our trainer has introduced him to other dogs (through the fence) and he was fearful at first but has learned to not react around them any more. Introductions will have to be done well supervised and with patience . He was also fearful of her grandchildren and did bark at them and sort of hide. He seems to really favor men and has fallen head over heels in love with our trainers husband!

Although Odie Joe may warm up slowly to new people and situations, once you win his trust, it is going to be a match made in heaven. He is house broke, travels well, minds well, and loves to cuddle. He has already had obedience training and is pretty much what we call “an instant dog” once the love and trust are built.

Neutered, up to date on shots and soon to be microchipped … with the right owner, Odie is going to make a phenomenal companion! Where are our Kelpie or Shepherd lovers out there? This boy is for you!

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Additional Information

  • Status: AVAILABLE!
  • Breed: Kelpie/Shepherd X
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 2 Y
  • Date: 5/16/19

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