MOON – American Mutt – Male – 2 Y

Hi! I'm MOON!

Hi! I’m MOON!

Oh my Moon Pie! This character came into Rimrock Humane Society after his owner passed away. His name at that time was, Muttley. His foster parents said, “no way”, and after much thought chose his new name “Moon”. His face looks like a perfect full moon. Moon is 2 years old and looking at him, it is difficult to guess how many breeds could have contributed to his uniqueness. There is some border collie, and looking at some of the biggest ears for head size, there may be some German Shepherd. He is a medium size weighing in the 50 lb range. His body is well proportioned and athletic with a medium coat which is mildly coarse. He has an upturned tail. and requires minimal grooming. Now, let’s get to the fun part.

Moon is full of personality. He currently lives with 5 other dogs; four are males, (one is an Irish Wolfhound) and one female. He is close to the other foster, Schatzie, a female McNab Shepherd but he also gets along fine with the other males. He does like to exercise, run, jump, and play with his housemates and can get into rough play. If Moon becomes too exuberant he is often called down by other pack members. He can be stubborn, but mostly wants to please his people. He knows his basics and usually will listen to you, but you need to maintain his obedience so he knows his boundaries. Moon is also crate trained. There are two cats in the home and he is very interested in their affairs. One cat is bold, in your face, and quieter and his brother is verbal talking all the time and a little more skittish. When the cat talks Moon immediately comes to check it out. He then shows some obsession standing over the cat. He has never done anything aggressive with either cat. It seems to be the loud caterwauling that gets him obsessed. He would like to play with the cats and them with him, but that is not allowed in his foster home. Moon has no problem with the cats rubbing on him and licking his face and ears.

Now, the very best thing about Moon, is his desire to be your companion. He does sleep with his foster mom every night along with two other dogs and a cat on her side of the bed — truly a cuddler and loves being with you. Moon will follow you from room to room and settle for a nap wherever you settle. His eyes are rimmed with “black liner” and he can look adorable and make you melt (see the picture). Moon does understand that being on the furniture and sleeping on the bed is a privilege not a given. If you want him not to do these things, you will just need to set boundaries when he comes home. Moon does have a protective instinct and will let you know if anything is amiss on your property. He is also very sensitive and does not like to be left out of anything. He whines when he knows his foster Dad is on his way home, in fact when he hears his voice on the speaker phone, he begins to whine and pace at the door knowing it is time for him to come home. Moon wants to be close during loud thunderstorms, fireworks, or gunshots. This guy likes other dogs and playing but can get rough. There are no children in his foster home and although he has a solid temperament, he may be too rough for small children and inadvertently knock them over in his exuberance.

Moon is neutered, up to date on shots and microchipped. He is an awesome companion with a unique look and lots of personality!

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Additional Information

  • Status: AVAILABLE!
  • Breed: American Mutt
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 2Y
  • Date: 8/9/18

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