***ADOPTED!*** MIKO – Akita – Female – 4-1/2 Y

Hi! I'm MIKO!

Hi! I’m MIKO!

This sweet girl’s owner passed away in the fall of 2020 and his sister came from Chicago to take care of his affairs. Miko and she bonded so tightly that the sister decided to stay in Montana as she couldn’t have Miko in her apartment back in Chicago. They adored each other! Then the unthinkable happened … the sister fell and severely injured herself which meant she would have to go back to Chicago for arduous physical therapy and Miko could not go along. Before we were notified of her, the neighbor took care of her while Miko sat vigil in the front yard, waiting for her owner to come home. šŸ˜¢ Such a devoted girl!

If you are familiar with Akita’s you will know that normally, they are a single person dog and usually not good with other animals. Here is what the AKC breed standard says of them: “Wary of strangers and often intolerant of other animals, Akitas will gladly share their silly, affectionate side with family and friends. They thrive on human companionship. The large, independent-thinking Akita is hardwired for protecting those they love. They must be well socialized from birth with people and other dogs.” So here is what is amazing with Miko — she actually socialized herself as a young dog. The owner’s fence was far from secure so she would let herself out and roam the neighborhood greeting people and other dogs alike. Because of this “self socialization”, we feel Miko is an amazing Akita with great dog and people skills. (She does have some barrier/fence aggression with neighboring dogs but is easily called off with a shout of her name and some hand clapping).

After a few days, she settled into her new foster home easily. Here is what they have to say about this great girl:

Miko is a great companion that will love you and be loyal to you forever. She likes a good walk, a nice petting session and to watch over her people and her neighborhood. She also enjoys a good car ride where she sits pretty and just watches the road go by. She always gets compliments from other cars when the window is down and makes friends on those rides. Miko has a very expressive face that makes you think she is questioning you a lot or perhaps giving you the “sad” look.

She is smart, listens well, and learns fast. Miko likes to play and is good with kids. She has a very expressive face and is not a food hound. She just wants her dinner and will not beg for yours.

She has lived with tiny dogs and with a large dog and got along well with them. Miko stays off the furniture for the most part unless she is looking out the window to make sure her people are okay or the neighborhood needs to be watched.

Miko will make a wonderful pet and really needs a forever home. She is a good girl looking for a good forever family.

We do know that Miko is not good with kitties as she did hurt a cat in her original neighborhood. She is house trained, spayed, up to date on shots and microchipped. The foster family has been working with her leash manners and coming along well using a martingale collar.

The perfect home would have Akita experience or at least be an experienced dog handler. She weighs in at 85 lbs and will require her new owner to continue her training.

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Additional Information

  • Status:Ā AVAILABLE!
  • Breed: Akita
  • Sex:Ā Female
  • Age:Ā 4 1/2 Y
  • Date: 5/22/21

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