***ADOPTION PENDING!*** LILY – Afghan (Sighthound) X – Female – 7 Y

Hi! I'm LILY!

Hi! I’m LILY!

Lily is 7 year old sighthound mix — she has a resemblance of an Afghan Hound by viewing her profile, hair quality, feet and behavior. She is a beautiful dog with round black appearing eyes — due to her coloring it is difficult to show her beauty in photos. Lily is confident and obedient — she enjoys being a couch potato between outdoor activities. Her greatest joy at her foster home is chasing rabbits, prairie dogs, and exploring any potential hiding places they might occupy. In the house, she gets along well with her 6 foster doggie housemates and 2 cats. Once she settles in for a nap, she prefers not to be disturbed and will make a “woof” sound to remind everyone “Do Not Disturb”. This is not a growl but a vocalization to respect her space. She is a very loving companion but not clingy — she loves attention and then is off to settle in. She will chase cats/small animals outside but is fine with them inside. Her activity level is low to moderate. She enjoys a run and being outside but spends most of her day lounging.

Lily is obedient and only requires verbal correction with a stern “Lily Ann” being the most you would need to correct her. She is practically perfect in every way!! Her fur quality is more like hair and she is not a heavy shedder — her hair does pick up every burr and twig from outside. She requires brushing every other day if she is out a lot. Lily’s coat is soft which allows things to embed themselves in her fur. She is hot natured and when it was warmer, her foster family trimmed her back end, back legs and front legs to help her keep cool. She LOVES submerging herself in water and has a sheep tank that she adores getting up to her neck to cool off. Lily does get clumped snow and mud in the long hair between her toes which makes her sound like she has high heels on. These balls need to be broken up by using a pair of small pliers to “crush” the balls of snow or mud which she tolerates fine and does not hurt.

Lily weighs approximately 70 pounds. She takes Proin twice daily for spay incontinence and takes this medication easily without fuss. She also currently receives a Cosequin supplement daily for her joints. Lily also requires a grain free diet and is doing well on Kirkland’s (Costco) Beef & Sweet Potato food. She will do fine with other dogs expecting them to respect her space at nap time and we believe she would also do well as an only dog. She is obsessed with moving lights and cat like in her following of those moving lights. She does well with children, but may alarm and jump up if she is awakened suddenly.

Miss Lily is a beautiful dog and will do great as a companion preferring a quieter, mature home. However if her new family has lots going on, Lily would do best if she is offered a quieter space of her own that she can sleep undisturbed. She will require some grooming to keep her unique coat at its best. Lily will rub her head against your leg for a pet and loves having her head and ears rubbed. She is crate trained as well.

Spayed, up to date on shots, wormed and microchipped, Lily is a fabulous mature dog who has been waiting a long time for her forever home. Please .. might that home be you?

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Additional Information

  • Status: AVAILABLE!
  • Breed: Afghan (Sighthound) X
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 7 Y
  • Date: 2/13/20

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