***ADOPTED!!*** LIBERTY – Mini Australian Shepherd X – Female – 3 Y



Look closely … you might remember this girl. That’s right …. we had to live trap her back in mid February as she had been on the “lam” for almost 6 months (basing our facts on witnesses and sightings). When we nabbed her she was living under a large abandoned building on the outskirts of Roundup. Many kind citizens were concerned for her well being and fed her often (so often that when we caught her we thought she might be pregnant but she was just super overweight. LOL) Many nights in February the temps were sub zero and once we were alerted to her status, we immediately got our trap set (with nice hot rotisserie chicken) and it wasn’t long before we had captured her. Now mind you, she was quite the happy & spunky girl until getting caught in the cage and she made it MORE than clear that she preferred her freedom WAY MORE than being caged in our live trap (see picture below of her chewing us out!) To be honest, she actually pouted for over a month and would look longingly out at the fields and woods beyond our trainer’s home. This girl enjoyed her freedom and lack of any owner telling her what she could and could not do. We just had to name her Liberty as the definition of that word in the dictionary is “the power or scope to act as one pleases.” That is what this girl did for at least 6 months of her life so we just had to give her this name. (Liberty is still secretly hoping for some more of her freedom back. LOL)

Lets go over the basics for Miss Liberty and then we can delve more into her interesting little psyche and all the things that make her “tick”. She is housebroken and, believe it or not, is crate trained as well. Lots of pouting at first when it came to the crate but now she understands it is her safe space. Liberty is actually leery of other dogs and really does NOT want other dogs in her face or smelling around her. This could stem from the fact that while being Wild Liberty, she probably had to contend with some not very nice dogs (maybe even coyotes) so we do believe she will enjoy being an only doggo. As far as cats go, she doesn’t even acknowledge them … they do not exist and she totally ignores them so she should be fine with cats in the home. Children would be a big NO …. she still has very little trust in people and super active children would not be a good thing for her.

What makes this girl tick? Well … she does not have much trust in people what so ever. Over the period of the last 5 months, she has learned to trust our trainer and is showing great promise with her. However, meeting new people and new situations are very hard for Liberty — she will tremble, do a low growl (out of fear, not aggression) and sometimes even submissive urinate so our trainer will be available to help with the transitioning of Liberty into a new home and assist in helping her to readjust to a new environment as well. She is what we would describe as a bit of a “loner” type personality.

Liberty walks great on a leash — very loose lead and heels perfectly. We know for a fact that she can never be off lead as she will happily take off and try to resume her life of no worries and no rules. One thing that is a double edged sword for her is that she is SUPER DUPER SMART! This means that she is fun to train but it also means that she is always looking for ways to push boundaries and see what she can get away with. Consistent training will help enforce what is expected of her and what her boundaries in her new home will be. Liberty is a very strong willed girl and she will rule the roost if you allow her too. If she attempts to stretch the rules and you correct her for it, she literally pouts. If you ignore her pouting (just like a child) she will eventually look at you with an imagined eye roll and say, “fine, if it will make you happy, I will do it!”

This girl has tons of personality and it is going to take patience and lots of love for her new family to help her along the route of fully healing from her experience of being on the “lam”. If you would like to set up a meet & greet of this adorable girl, we will be happy to schedule that but just remember that she is not going to come bounding up to you with tail wagging. First meetings take time with her.

Liberty is spayed, up to date on shots, wormed, and microchipped.

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Additional Information

  • Status: AVAILABLE!
  • Breed: Mini Australian Shepherd X
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 3Y
  • Date: 8/12/21

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