If you are looking for a source of entertainment look no further than this sibling duo! Who needs television with these goofballs around?!

Lenny is the lighter-colored boy with lovely russet coloring on his neck and chest. He is the more snuggly of the brothers.

Squiggy has the striking dark markings on his back and is the more playful of the two brothers.

They both however are affectionate and playful.

These boys are the whole package- They are as sweet as the day is long and love cuddling with their humans and each other. They were raised in their original home with three dogs so would do well with canine siblings once introduced properly.

When they aren’t snuggling, they are going 100 miles an hour playing with their toys and romping on their kitty tower.

These are some silly little dudes with a ton of personality! This is what their original owner said about them:

“They follow me everywhere, when they aren’t napping. Everything I do they do.

They love to ride the dust mop, and think the vacuum is very interesting. They like to help wash the floors by riding the mop and chasing the hand with the floor sponge.

They are very inquisitive and for every cupboard and closet door I open, there is always one of them crawling inside.

They love playing hide and seek in the pantry as its door closes automatically and one or both of them always get caught in there. They have finally figured out how to push door open from inside to get out. They love to play with any size Amazon boxes and absolutely adore broken in half empty paper towel cardboard rolls.

Occasionally I see them picking a toy or bone from the dogs’ toy box.”

Lenny and Squiggy can be adopted separately but they are pretty bonded as you can see by the pictures, and would provide twice the entertainment if adopted together.

They come with their cat tree, lots of toys, and cute little kitty beds-all donated by their loving foster mom.

Lenny and Squiggy’s adoption fee will be paid by their amazing foster mama, in memory of her soul kitty Karma, with the stipulation that Lenny and Squiggy will remain inside kitties forever.

The Boyz have been neutered, vaccinated, FLV tested, and microchipped.

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Additional Information

  • Status: AVAILABLE!
  • Breed: DSH
  • Sex: MALES
  • Age: 4 MONTHS
  • Date: 8/10/2022 6:51:48 PM

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