JOHNNY – Shih Tzu – Male – 11 Y



Johnny and Koby’s hooman daddy had been sick for a very long time. His family was hopeful for his return home so they boarded the bonded brothers at their local vet clinic. Weeks turned into months but their Daddy never came home and recently became their guardian angel in heaven. The family called and asked if we could please re-home these two sweet brothers after they had spent NINE months at the vet clinic. An unbelievable amount of time but these two handled this situation with a very happy, go lucky demeanor much to our delight. They both needed a good grooming and bath as they were horribly matted and we want to thank Brooke at Paws & Reflect Pet Salon for doing such a fabulous job with them (First pic is their Before & After). They also went straight to our vet for blood work and dentals. Johnny’s blood work was spot on and normal. So now the boys moved on to their new foster home so we could get to know them a bit better as the only person who truly “knew” them is no longer walking this earth.

This is what their foster momma had to say about the boys:

“So let me tell you a little something about these two sweet little boys. All they want to do is please you and be loved! The minute they walked into our house they were like excited little puppies. Running all over the place finally having freedom. They were two silly little guys out in the backyard just running back-and-forth. One would never guess they are 11 years old…they had energy to burn. They love to go on walks and mind really well on the lead.

Boy oh boy, are these little guys ever bonded. They do everything together… They go outside together, they sleep together, they eat out of the same bowl, they sleep side by side and take turns grooming each other. They LOVE to help out in the kitchen (treats, treats, treats)!

They both are lover buttons… Johnny may be a little more so than his brother Koby. They absolutely love children that are 5 and older… They just jump all over the place and get so excited when our grandkids come over to visit. Talk about the zoomies! Johnny does this adorable little bark/howl trying to get the kids to play with him! It’s too cute! They are also very good watchdogs… If anybody comes near your house or to the front door they will let you know with alarm barking but when you tell them to stop barking they mind and will do so.

They will go to the door to go out sometimes but seeing as though they have been in a kennel for nine months you do need to keep an eye out and help them to remember to go to the door. (They have had a few accidents) They are doing better as their memories are being “refreshed”.

They both sleep together in the same crate and you never hear a peep out of them all night long. It is adorable when you get up in the morning and look in the crate — they’re side-by-side just sitting there looking at you waiting to be let out. They are snuggle bunnies and love blankets! They like to rough them up and just roll around in them. Love to sit by your side while watching TV and get all the love they can.

They are not big morning eaters — they just pick at it but do eat heartier in the afternoon. When you get the treats out, they will literally dance on their back legs as they are so excited! They adore being outside and soaking in the sunshine … they did not get to do this for almost 9 months! Johnny and Koby showed us that they know the command stay when the UPS driver came to our door … they truly mind!”

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Additional Information

  • Status: AVAILABLE!
  • Breed: Shih Tzu
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 11 Y
  • Date: 4/9/19

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