***ADOPTION PENDING!*** JEFFERSON – German Shepherd – Male – 5-1/2 Y (Deaf)



(Yep, this is long but we feel it is worth it … grab a cup of coffee and have a seat! 😛) Many moons ago, RHS got a call seeking assistance in Pryor for three German Shepherds who were in dire straits and required immediate attention. It took the neighbors in their area about 30 days to piece together that the owners had in fact moved away and had basically abandoned these three dogs to their own devices. It was reported that all three were starving, covered in ticks and one of the dogs was deathly ill. Transport was immediately scheduled for the next day and when it came time to load the dogs for their trip to Billings, the sick dog could not be found any where. 🙁 However, the other two made their way into the RHS fold that day and not a moment too soon! One of the dogs was a beautiful male German Shepherd (Jefferson) and the other a female whom we believe to be a possible GSD/Rottweiler mix (Stella). They are both the same age and our veterinarian believed that they could possibly be brother & sister … just had different daddy’s. (It can happen!) We will go into detail about each dogs health, personality traits and attributes on their individual post so please, when you are done reading about Jefferson, check out Stella’s post as well! 🙂

Jefferson (Jeff) was severely starved and had over 40 ticks removed from his body. We discovered that he was actually neutered and other than his low body condition score, was in reasonably good health. After spending a few days handling him, it was then discovered that this boy was stone cold deaf. You could bang metal bowls over his head while sleeping and he would continue to slumber peacefully. His ears were checked and there was no injury or trauma to them so figured his hearing loss is a genetic issue he was born with. That was when we lovingly dubbed him “Deaf Jeff”. 😛

As far as personality goes, this boy is simply amazing. He loves, loves, loves his humans and any attention they can slather on him. You would think after all he went through, that he would have a chip on his shoulder but like most dogs … he does not. Jeff is incredibly handsome and pictures do NOT do him justice at all. He is easy going, loves all people, seems to do fine with other dogs (little protective of his sister) but we would not place him in a home with cats or other small animals as he and Stella both have very high prey drive. We believe in order to survive the month of no care, they did a lot of hunting on their own. Jeff would make an amazing service dog but that is tough with his hearing disability. We have already taught him hand commands for sit, come and stay. Super smart and probably one of the coolest dogs we have had the opportunity to meet. He is going to bond to someone fast and make an amazing companion! Not been around children while in our care but with his happy go lucky attitude, think he would do okay except for knocking over young toddlers with his exuberance. Perfect home for him would be an owner who might have some experience with deaf dogs or someone willing to LEARN what it takes. 🙂

The RHS took him in last week and groomed him at a self wash (thanks Dog Tag Buddies!) and for not having any experience with tubs and blow dryers etc, he did fantastic! Just stood there …think he loved all of the rubs and attention. He also rode wonderfully in the car … was a little nervous in the beginning but eventually laid down and just chilled out.

So, the big question, should these two be placed together? After months and months of observation we believe they would be okay apart but would also be fine together as well (mixed bag). When together, they do feed off of each other and are very competitive for attention, toys, treats etc. Alone you do not get any of that behavior – they are much calmer. Jeff does rely a bit on Stella to cue him in on things like when to alarm bark and/or chase the UPS truck along the fence line etc (naughty!). You would never know Jeff has a handicap 99% of the time as he is very independent and has worked through any issues with aplomb. If he does not get placed with Stella, a devoted owner at his side who will work continually with training and trust and lots of love will make Jeff into an even more amazing creature guaranteed!

Also, Jeff & Stella have lived a long while in the RHS kennel system. They have a kennel building, soft cubbies to lay in and a large yard for play etc. Because of this we are not 100% sure if they are housebroke but they are very clean about their toilet duties and take their business to the furthest end of the yard. We would prefer to see them as indoor/outdoor beloved pets but they are super acclimated to outdoor living so could be a good shop/barn/garage dog — as long as they had a place to keep them from the elements both in winter or summer and had plenty of human interaction. We are willing to look at all opportunities for them. We do not believe they are good with livestock as their kennel is next to a horse pasture and they do love to chase/bark at the horses. They also bark at deer, rabbits and any vehicles that drive by their kennel fencing (it borders a driveway). It is not incessant and as soon as the vehicle stops or the deer/horse is out of view … they are quiet.

***Jeff and Stella have been living with our President, Sandy Church, and now that she is moving they will be boarded in Billings by this weekend. If we don’t get any active adoptive homes for them, we may be looking for potential fosters so please keep that in mind. :)***

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Additional Information

  • Status: AVAILABLE!
  • Breed: German Shepherd
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 5 1/2 Y
  • Date: 7/23/21

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