***ADOPTED!*** GYPSY – Cairn Terrier – Female – 5 Y

Hi! I'm Gypsy!

Hi! I’m Gypsy!

We got a call last week Wednesday that a woman had passed away and left behind 4 small dogs and there was no family/friends to care for them. The YCSO swooped in and nabbed these babies for us and brought them to our veterinarian for exams and assessments. The only information we could ascertain was from a neighbor who said she believed they were Cairn Terriers and that they were siblings.

These puppers came to us matted and stinky. All of them had broken canines like they had been chewing on metal cages or something hard. Their poor little bums were so badly matted that they were having trouble going potty. There were two males and two females …. they all seemed to be around 5 years old so we believe they are siblings from the same litter. When we put them together…. they really didn’t like each other and were growly and fighting …. typical sibling rivalry in dogs. After their exams we then ran blood work and those all came back normal. Both boys are neutered and the girls have spay scars so everyone should be altered. These pups weigh 14 lbs at the lowest and 18 lbs at the heaviest. They all got their vaccinations and wormer … then scheduled for dentals and grooming. Half of the dentals were completed last Friday and the other half on Tuesday. Grooming happened on Monday with all of them looking, feeling and smelling so much better!

Our observations after handling these dogs over the course of a week — we believe they may have been crates/caged for long periods of time. They may potty in their crate after long periods which is unusual for dogs — we are going to say they will need help with housebreaking. They have not been socialized and we are happy to report, that even though they were scared through the various procedures and grooming, they never growled or offered to bite. They present very much like a puppy mill type dog. Sweet and want to be loved by a human and taught how to be a cherished doggie.

The right home for these puppers would be ones were the adoptive family is familiar with this breed and has patience and is willing to invest some time with training, socializing etc. We were told there were cats in the home so we will “say” they are good with kitties although it has not been proven to us. As far as children go, older will be better as they have never been around kids and they do get scared easily. We are unsure how they will do with other dogs and will have to try it out on a case by case basis.

What do we need? FOREVER HOMES AND/OR FOSTER HOMES …. forever homes are preferred of course but would love foster homes to help make them more adoptable. Separate homes a must for these pooches! Right now they are boarded at our vet clinic and getting great care but we want them in a home environment.

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Additional Information

  • Status: AVAILABLE!
  • Breed: Cairn Terrier
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 5 Y
  • Date: 2/6/2020

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