GAVIN – Purebred Rez Dog – Male – 4 Y

Hi! I'm GAVIN!

Hi! I’m GAVIN!

Approximately two weeks ago, we were contacted by our dear friends at Wolf Point Pound Puppies stating they had acquired a dog that the owner had asked their local ACO to come out to his house to “shoot”. Luckily the ACO is a kind man and decided to rescue the dog instead and brought Gavin to WPPP. As soon as we saw his pictures, we knew that we just had to help this boy! Our veterinarians are masters at skin issues and who knew what else was going on with him! We just love our “under dogs” … we couldn’t say NO!

WPPP did a little shaving and peeling away of hair (it basically just came off in their hands) and sent us the 4th picture. Then Gavin made the long trip to Billings and was seen by our veterinarians for a complete health exam, blood work and skin scrapings etc. No mites were found but we still are treating him with ivermectin just in case of scabbies. A culture was taken to verify if it was ring worm and it takes close to 7 days to grow said culture. It came back negative for ring worms. YAY! Basically, Gavin was diagnosed with a severe bacterial skin infection which is responding well to antibiotics, special skin meds and medicated baths! We ran blood work as well and everything was normal except his white blood cell count was high but that is understandable with a raging skin infection! After a week of stabilizing him, Gavin got to have a dental to clean up his teeth and he did not have a single extraction! So Gavin spent a 2nd week with us just to be sure his skin issue was not contagious and we are happy to report that he is doing fantastic!

You can see in the progression of the photos that when Gavin first came to us, he looked so incredibly sad and he actually didn’t really like moving around a lot – we are not sure why. As the days progressed, he got happier and more confident and now he runs around the vet clinic with his little rat tail wagging and dances for treats! (See video). šŸ™‚

Gavin weighs in at about 15 lbs. but needs to put on about another 5 to 7 to be a healthy weight. We have no idea of his breeding due to lack of hair … so he is just being called a purebred Rez dog for now. Gavin loves to prance and is super perky. Loves people and his treats! As you can imagine … VERY food motivated! When he gets excited in his kennel, he does bark but it is his happy voice! Super sweet boy who needs to be spoiled and loved and taught that humans can be amazing “friends”. Gavin does have accidents in his kennel so was probably an outdoor dog so he is going to need someone with patience to teach him the fine art of eliminating out of doors! Being super smart, we are sure he will catch on quickly! He doesn’t seem to even look at the other dogs at the vet clinic but we have no idea how he is with cats or children. People always ask that question and we just do not have a clue at this point … slow introductions would work best.

Gavin is neutered, up to date on shots, wormed, microchipped and only needs one more dose of ivermectin and is done with all of his meds. Who would like to adopt this little bald boy and give him that 2nd chance he so deserves? We are so excited to see him flourish in a new home! Might that be you?

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Additional Information

  • Status:Ā AVAILABLE!
  • Breed: Purebred Rez Dog
  • Sex:Ā Male
  • Age:Ā 4 Y
  • Date: 6/6/19

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