Hi! I'm EVIE!

Hi! I’m EVIE!

Evie’s owner did a wonderful job writing up a bio so we will just let her tell you about this gorgeous pupper:

Evie is potty trained and microchipped, but not crate trained. She is sweet and full of energy. She loves hikes, water, crinkle/squeak toys, fresh veggies, and cuddles. Evie is an excellent camping dog with excellent recall. She gets anxious without exercise but also loves naps. She’s very smart and easily trainable. Overall, she is an energetic, fun-loving and goofy girl who I know would make a great addition to someone’s life. I think she would be best suited for a physically active individual or couple who love the outdoors. She is definitely a full-time companion type of dog and always wants to be near her people, although as far as I know she has never shown symptoms of separation anxiety,

She has lived with other dogs for most of her life but because of her reactivity with dominant dogs, I think she would do best as the only dog in a household. With someone patient and knowledgeable about dog socialization, she would do fine living with most other dogs with proper supervision during the acclimation period. She can be reactive to other dogs through a fence or when in a car, but these behaviors have improved over time with redirection under the advice of a trainer. She has a history of food/treat aggression with dogs ONLY (not people) but has had no issues for about a year when supervised or separated during feeding time. She isn’t good with most cats (likes to chase them) and has a prey drive towards small animals like bunnies. She is also scared of large, loud men, but will warm up to them if they are quiet and sit down. She loves children, but because she jumps up when excited (it’s been her most difficult habit to break so far), I’d worry about her knocking them over by accident.

A note about Evie socializing with other dogs in public: she really likes and wants to be around other dogs at the park, on the trail, etc. Unfortunately, even though I’ve worked on socializing her for about 7 years now, she has always been socially awkward. She will sometimes give off “aggressive” signals like barking or loud whining sounds when meeting other dogs, which can make other dogs and their owners nervous. She does genuinely want to just sniff them though and has gotten on great with the dogs she’s lived with and my friends’ dogs. Once she’s met the other dog, she calms down. She’s capable of ignoring another dog if I redirect her and we walk away. She has gotten into fights if other dogs try to be dominant with her, but overall, she is fine with supervision. I’m trying to be honest about her behavior. I’m sorry if it seems overcomplicated, I wish it was simpler but she isn’t entirely fine with or entirely not fine with other dogs – it’s situational and she requires supervision around dogs she doesn’t know.

Why I’m rehoming: I have had Evie since I was 15 years old. Due to developing health issues, having few financial resources, and working, I cannot provide for her needs. I have tried everything within my power to adapt my lifestyle for her, but my body can’t keep up with her exercise needs and I can’t afford to get her teeth cleaned, etc. I spend a lot of my time either working or recovering from work and physically can’t give her the time and attention she deserves. I can only provide occasional hikes, walks, off leash time, or camping trips and it’s not enough to meet her needs. She is constantly bored and restless and it’s not fair to her.

Evie is located in Western Montana but her owner is willing to transport her to the right home.

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Additional Information

  • Status: AVAILABLE!
  • Sex: FEMALE
  • Age: 8 YEARS OLD
  • Date: 5/8/2023 2:12:04 PM

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