***ADOPTED!*** CY – Labrador Retriever/Hound X – Male – 3-1/2 Y

Hi! I'm CY!

Hi! I’m CY!

Hound dog lovers gather round and we will tell you a tale about a handsome red hound named Cy. This beautiful red canine weighs in at 80 lbs. of sleek athleticism. He came to us as an unclaimed stray and really didn’t have many manners so our foster home was on a mission to work with him and turn Cy into a good canine citizen! Currently he lives in a foster home with 6 other doggie buddies; 4 males, including an Irish Wolfhound, and 2 ladies and gets along with everyone! Cy is happy and he will have you smiling at his table clearing tail that wags his whole body. He likes to talk with a whining, breathy, low braying speak (song of his people). Cy has matured wonderfully and has learned it is just as much fun to lay back, nap, and recharge as it is to play with all his heart. That hound mentality takes a bit of patience in the obedience arena. Cy requires consistent repetition and follow through to perform. He is willing but needs a home that understands that is how it works with hound dogs. Cy has a beautiful bay that is is enjoyable to hear but he is not an excessive barker — will join the pack if they alarm but would rather play and explore than guard. He loves garden hoses so appropriate toys inside and out are required! Cy has proven himself as a hunter of rabbits and prairie dogs at his foster digs. A fenced yard is required for this large hound but he is not a jumper or escape artist. Has good recall but his new home needs to keep him on a long leash at least until a confirmed bond is made. Cy is very food motivated which helps with his training and can be used for good recall along with a whistle for example.

This boy came to us blind in his right eye and after careful examination by our veterinarian the cause remains unknown. The eye did not require removal and does not take away from his beauty at all. Due to this deficit, he is cautious and a little insecure meeting new dogs (understandably). They should be introduced in good lighting being sure Cy can see them approach. His first introduction in his foster home, he growled and postured but then seeing all was well he began to play joyfully with all dogs in under 5 minutes. This also explains how he came by the name Cy … Cyclops is his full name. 🙂

After one of many of these play sessions with his foster canine siblings, Cy came into the house packing his back right leg. He seemed very painful and there was no way he was putting any weight on that leg so we rushed him to our veterinarian. After examination and reviewing several x-rays it was determined that Cy had an Achilles tendon avulsion (rupture). Basically his Achilles tendon was hanging on by a thread … UGH! Poor Cy! That tendon acts as a rubber band and keeps the muscle connected to the bone so his poor leg was just dangling there! OUCH! We discussed this injury with an Orthopedic surgeon and discovered there is a repair for this specific condition but the after care and recovery time is long and tedious. The chances of Cy re-rupturing the repair was good especially if our foster family was not diligent with his after care. Of course, like so many of our foster care families, they were in it for the long haul! Not only the aftercare which included cast changes weekly etc. but also the long 12 weeks of keeping Cy quiet. Yeah right! We are so happy to report that Cy came through the whole procedure like a trooper and is back to running around like a crazy man with his doggie siblings. Occasionally, Cy will pack that leg but only inside and we think it is just a habit as he shows us no pain and does it no other time. We need to thank our veterinarians, surgeons, foster family and donors who help us make these difficult decisions with confidence and much hope! You all are the true heroes!

There is another situation that has come up that we need to report about Cy. The foster family has two indoor kitties (RHS alumni by the way) and although Cy was super interested in them at first, with some training he was doing fantastic with them. Even with one kitty who thinks it is great fun to run in front of the dogs in a teasing sort of way. Unfortunately, this all came to a screeching halt last week when the foster family discovered Cy (and several of his doggie siblings) mauling the poor cat. We are so glad to report that the kitty is going to be okay just severely traumatized. The foster family is now keeping Cy and all other dogs away from the cats with permanent separation in the home. It was apparent that Cy was the ring leader in all of this and the other dogs were easily called off but Cy was not willingly giving up his “prize”. It is with heavy hearts that we must now label Cy as a NO CAT dog. Having hound in his lineage, it was always a bit of a question mark but he had been doing SO WELL with his training. 🙁 This is important to know for any potential adopters!

Even with being the ring leader in the cat debacle, Cy is actually a follower and not a leader in his current pack. He is so exuberant in his happiness and will be demonstrative of his love and affection from his voice to the tip of his tail!! Cy has soft folds around his head that are like velvet and his foster mom calls him “Squishy” at times because he feels so amazing to pet! He is not as heavy boned as some hounds which should allow him to participate in all family outing activities. He is a low shedder and maintains a beautiful coat with minimal care. Cy is at an amazing age to find his furever family having passed many hound dog stages and settling into his young adulthood. He is a very special doggo!!

Housebroke, crate trained, neutered, up to date on shots and microchipped, Cy is SO ready for this next step in his life where he gets to find the perfect family and start writing his new happy ending! Cy is so deserving! Please set up your appointment to meet this gloriously handsome red boy!

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Additional Information

  • Status: AVAILABLE!
  • Breed: Labrador Retriever/Hound X
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 3-1/2 Y
  • Date: 11/2/21

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