***ADOPTED!*** BETTIE – DSH Gray Tabby – Female – 1-1/2 Y



Hey gang, Bettie here! I am a gorgeous gray tabby girl who just needs a furever home to make my life complete. I’ve been hanging here with my Foster Mom (FM), her two cats, her dog and my sister for such a very long time. I love my FM but her cats are kind of snooty and, while we don’t fight or anything like that, we don’t get along too well either. I really want a place just for me and maybe for my sister (more on her below). Don’t you think six months is a long enough time to be waiting? That’s right! We have been in the loving care of the Rimrock Humane Society since March!!

My FM calls me Bett-Bett, sometimes she calls me Bettie-Boop,or Boop-Boop-a-Doop. I don’t think I deserve those last two names because I am not a silly, little kitten without a brain in my head. I am a beautiful, full grown girl with cattitude and moxie. I always walk with my head and tail held high. I can be quite demanding when I want your attention for pets and lovies or when I am ready to eat or go out but I also will jump in your lap to give you a hug and then settle down for a nap or curl up at your back or side when you are sleeping.

About my going out, even though the Rimrock Humane Society and my FM want me to be an indoor cat, I decided I didn’t like that idea and, guess what, FM’s dog has a dog door and, guess what again, I use it! That’s right! But if you don’t have a dog or cat door, that’s OK because I will ask for you to open a door to let me out or back in. I can get quite vocal and insistent about being allowed to walk out on my wild lone but I do come home for food and cuddles.

I’m fostered with my sister, Lilah, and we’ve always lived together but she’s more timid than I am and doesn’t like exploring the great outdoors. She would be an indoor only cat; she’s actually a scaredy-cat when she gets outside. She also looks a lot like me (people say we could be twins and some can’t tell us apart very easily) and I like her a lot so, if you liked her, too, maybe we could come as a pair. It would be nice if we found our own person together but FM says she’s sure we’d be fine if we got different homes as well.

So, who’s ready to have me (and maybe my sister) come live with them forever and ever or at least for the next decade or so. FM says a home in the country or in a quiet neighborhood without busy streets would be ideal. She thinks I’m pretty street smart but she lives in a quiet subdivision, sort of out in the country, and thinks another place just like it would be best for me.

Litter trained, spayed, up to date on shots and microchipped — if you are looking for a fairly independent cat who comes and goes but also loves scritches and cuddles, I’m your girl!

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Additional Information

  • Status: AVAILABLE!
  • Breed: DSH Gray Tabby
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 1 1/2 Y
  • Date: 9/11/19

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