***ADOPTED*** BAILEY – German Shorthair Pointer/Labradoodle – Female – 7 Y



Sadly, Bailey’s family contacted us and asked if we would assist them in finding their girl a new home – their fun and informative bio for Bailey is below:

Bailey is 7 years old (Her birthday is on Christmas :)), but you’d think she was half her age. Her father was a German Shorthair Pointer, and her mother was a black Labradoodle. She is often mistaken for a Griffon and for being a male dog (that darn beard :)). We think she looks a lot like Chewbacca, so we call her a Wookiee-doodle.

She is about 50 pounds and is spayed. She loves to play and has lots of energy. She loves her toys like a puppy does. She LOVES attention, and is great at being a constant companion. Bailey doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. She loves every one she meets, and she likes other dogs and cats.

Bailey will chase rabbits, squirrels, and birds; she will also point them, but she has no hunting training. She’s never done well off a leash as she tends to see a rabbit or just can’t stop following her nose to the ground. A fenced yard would be a must for her.

Bailey has been around little kids and babies, and has done fine. However, babies and toddlers on the move make her nervous. She cannot relax when they’re moving around her. She will get up and move, over and over again. She just can’t relax in these situations. Because of this, she would do best in a home with older children (probably 5 and older). She loves playing and running around with older kids.

When you’re eating, Baily’s begging skills are top notch. You may feel a paw or a bearded face rest gently on our leg. You look down and she turns on the starving puppy eyes. If there was an Oscar for this, she’d win. She takes food gently from your hand. She will let small children feed her everything from their plates. Kids giggle the whole time so she’s usually caught in the act. She loves treats but has never been an over-eater.

She’s a good watchdog. If someone comes to the fence, she will let you know. She’s never had a problem with barking while in the yard alone during the day. Usually, if she’s barking, there’s a reason. We’ve appreciated this, and our neighbors have too, as we feel she’s kept our neighborhood safer.

Bailey is a cuddler. She loves to sleep in your bed. Be warned…she can be a bed hog. She also thinks she can be a lap dog. If you have a big enough lap, this might work out for her.

Bailey doesn’t need expensive grooming. Regular brushing at home will do the trick. She does shed some hair, but not a lot. Her fur is the type that doesn’t really need shaving, however, once or twice a year we have her beard and the hair on her rear trimmed. Her claws are black, so we usually have a groomer trim them because we can’t see the quick. We take her for a bath at the groomer 3-4 times per year, unless she gets into something and needs more. It’s her “spa day” and she seems to like it. She can be bathed at home though, and when it’s hot in the summer, we play “dog water park” and use our hose in the backyard to give her a bath. She thinks it’s just a fun game while we’re sudsing her up.

She loves running through the sprinkler, although she’s never shown interest in swimming. She just paddles her way back to shore. She does have her own dog life jacket and has been rafting a time or two.

Bailey is crate trained and sleeps there at night. She’s been a counter surfer in the past when able to roam at night, so this keeps her out of trouble.

When Bailey was younger, her anal glands wouldn’t empty well, so we had the vet express them every couple months. That worked until she was about 3 years old. At that point, they were becoming impacted and uncomfortable for her. At the suggestion of her vet, her anal glands were surgically removed. Problem solved and no more discomfort for her. She’s been a very healthy dog otherwise.

In short, Bailey is a sweetheart. An energetic, goofy, lovable sweetheart. She’d love a new forever home where someone would take her for walks, throw the ball for her, and give her lots of belly rubs. She would do best with strong pack leader in her new owner.

Bailey just had a vet appointment and was updated on her shots and got a clean bill of health!

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Additional Information

  • Status: AVAILABLE!
  • Breed: German Shorthair Pointer/Labradoodle
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 7Y
  • Date: 8/21/18

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