***ADOPTED*** SIMBA – Pitbull/American Staffordshire X – Male – 2-1/2 Y

Hi! I'm SIMBA!

Hi! I’m SIMBA!

Yes, we know … your heart just stopped for a brief minute there and you gasped … we get it … this is one handsome boy! Did you notice the heart shaped marking around his nose? So special ….

Simba was raised from a puppy by two brothers who lived together. We are pretty sure that this boy got to do whatever he wanted when ever he wanted. When Simba came to us he had severe separation anxiety and was pretty much a spoiled boy … not that this is bad but spoiled in ways that do not make for a good companion. Simba has spent two months with our trainer and is learning to deal with his anxiety and has become a better canine citizen. However, we have to say that his new owner is going to have to continue with the training process to help make Simba the great companion we know he can be! So let’s talk a bit about this boy and his personality ….

Simba is incredibly sweet — there is not an aggressive bone in his body. Truly he just wants to be a lap dog, to be cuddled and, if you could wear him as a scarf, all the better! He loves every person he has ever met and adores children as well. Simba has a very neutral “vibe” around other dogs and most just ignore him which is an incredible thing for any dog. He is food driven which makes training a little easier although he doesn’t seem to retain his training as some dogs do. He has a very short attention span (SQUIRREL!!) so training has to be done in short spurts. Simba will heel on leash and knows “sit” and “down” but, as we said, he does get distracted easily. He will jump up on people in excitement and no matter how much our trainer has worked with him on this — he still cannot help himself. :) Simba will counter surf and garbage can dive so he needs to be watched carefully in the kitchen. When Simba first came into our program and our trainer put him in a crate for training, he screamed … we don’t mean whine, we mean scream. It was blood curdling and it sounded like he was dying a thousand deaths. He has since gotten past that but we are worried when he goes into a new home, he may revert back to this behavior. We believe it was a ploy he used to get attention in his old home and it worked. When Simba found out it didn’t work with our trainer, he stopped the behavior. This is NOT something that should be encouraged and we will work with the new owner to help if this should become a problem. Simba also makes this sound that we cannot explain — it is like a chuffing noise kind of like a lion. Might be how he got his name.

Simba is recovering from severe separation anxiety – he spent a LONG time every day in a very small crate in his previous life. Our trainer has worked with him and Simba now realizes that a crate can be a good thing and that humans do come back. The perfect home for Simba will not only be knowledgeable about the Pitbull breed in general (this boy is ALL bully breed) but also have some experience with separation issues. Simba is going to need a regimented routine with a consistent schedule. He thrives with that!

Housebroke, crate trained, neutered, up to date on shots and microchipped … this handsome boy is going to make the right owner an incredible new companion. You will literally have to have Simba surgically removed from your hip! :)

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Additional Information

  • Status: AVAILABLE!
  • Breed: Pitbull/American Staffordshire X
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 2-1/2 Y
  • Date: 12/23/17

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