ELLIE – Hound X – Female – 2-1/2 Y

Hi! I'm ELLIE!

Hi! I’m ELLIE!

Ellie is a sleek, muscular, gorgeous hound dog! Everything about her is “hound”. She has muscle tone that any athlete would be proud of and is in great shape. This girl has a beautiful hound voice and can break into a howl with her canine housemates. Ellie’s whip-like tail will clear the coffee table and if you are wearing shorts it hurts when she is happy!! She weighs in at about 60lbs and loves to be outside particularly hunting and chasing rabbits! She also spends a good bit of time watching the prairie dogs in the pasture wishing she could give them a run too! The foster family has a single hot wire strung on their fence for their giant breed dogs which Ellie respects – has never left the yard even though she would love to get to the prairie dogs.

Ellie has done well with the two cats in the foster home. The cats LOVE to lick all the dogs ears when they are resting/sleeping. This is the only thing Ellie draws the line at –she does not want the cats bothering her when it is time for her beauty sleep. She will give a low noise or a cheek puff which sends them on their way and back off to sleep she goes. Outdoor cats are an unknown, but suspect if they run she would run them down.

Ellie has been in her foster home with another female dog that is also a hound breed Candy). They have been BFFs for awhile until Candy started to mature and began challenging Ellie for her place in the pack — their relationship has been a bit rocky since then. This is not unusual to have lower pack members try to maintain or increase their pack standing and same sex aggression is common amongst females. Ellie does NOT get involved with the current head female dog and shows her respect.

We feel Ellie would do best with a male dog. Because she is showing signs of wanting to be the head female, we also think her new home should understand hounds (stubborn they can be) and also offer Ellie consistent, confident, firm leadership. She showed signs of heavy handed methods when she first came to Rimrock and that should not be part of her training. It has taken some time for her to trust humans and seek their companionship. She now enjoys being with her humans….she has found trust. She will sleep next to her humans and do her hound dance when they arrive home.

Because of her size and her whip of a tail, families with children will not be considered. She could be an only dog, but really enjoys her house mates. She has shown she wants to be lead female, and will probably take that position once she is comfortable in her new space. She loves the outdoors and her new owner(s) should like the outdoors too. She would make an excellent companion on runs, and biking (after training) and really any outdoor sport.

Spayed, housebroke, crate trained, up to date on shots and microchipped, Ellie is a wonderful example of a hound with her beautiful voice, tenacity, and courage. She would love to have a home where she could be secure and allowed to bond.

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Additional Information

  • Status: AVAILABLE!
  • Breed: Hound X
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 2-1/2 Y
  • Date: 04/7/17

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