***ADOPTED*** BENTLEY – Rough Coat Collie – Male – 11 Mos.



Meet Bentley! This handsome boy just came to RHS, and we know what you’re thinking… “pass me the application ’cause I’m in love!!” However, he is a BIG puppy lacking formal training, so please read up before placing your app!

Bentley is an 11 month old (birthday is March 28th) Rough Coat Collie who hasn’t had too much exposure in life. His previous home created an indoor garage like setting for him and his housemate to live in, that featured a large sand box used as a litter box. While he has been an “inside dog” he acts like being in the house is new to him. He lacks formal training like, “that doesn’t go in your mouth” and “things on the counter aren’t yours” but aside from one accident when he first arrived, he is showing us that he is in fact house trained! Bentley doesn’t have the best house manners, but it is all typical puppy behavior that will be corrected in time. The great part is, Bentley is incredibly smart and really just wants to please! He has the typical laid back collie personality. You see his energy light up outside as he stomps around in the snow and acts like the puppy he is! He also enjoys dropping a ball for himself to chase around! Currently Bentley is fostered with three other dogs (all large) and a couple of cats. He loves playing with the other dogs and they seem to help build his confidence with things like the vacuum and TV, so a home with another dog would be fun for him. He was very interested in the kitties but they have all instilled the fear in him so he typically prefers to stay clear!

He is showing some signs of separation anxiety and will bark/howl when left alone for any length of time. While you are home, he will follow his person wherever they go, meaning he is under your feet at all times. He shows his anxiety most by pacing in circles around the house but will eventually settle down. We are working on kennel training which we believe will be best for him until his quirks can be resolved, and he is more confident in his home. So far he is doing great! He will jump up and as his previous owner stated, “give hugs”. While this was a trained trait, it is also what has landed him where he is due to the previous owner taking on the care of her elderly mom that she couldn’t risk falling. He has not been leash trained, and will need some work there although he loves walks! He loves to give gentle little kisses and looks at you like you are the best thing in the world to him. He is a wonderful boy who just lacks some basic puppy training. Bentley is now up to date on vaccines, neutered and microchipped.

Adoption fee is $90 and Bentley is fostered in Billings, MT.

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Additional Information

  • Status: AVAILABLE!
  • Breed: Rough Coat Collie
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 11 Mos.
  • Date: 02/16/17

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